Location of automatic reply generator.

Location of automatic reply generator.

Post by Jonathan Ki » Fri, 15 Mar 1991 03:36:54

In response to requests for the "vacation" program:  "vacation" seems
to be standard in the Berkeley Unix release (try the man page to see
if you have it.)  Also, here is a message I received  from Tim

bsd sources.
You can find it on ftp.uu.net in the directory bsd-sources/usr.bin/vacation.
It keeps track of addresses and only responds once per week.  The time is
settable.  It does not respond to mail from root, MAILER-DEMON, etc.  It
only repsonds to mail explicitly to you.  It replies with a message that
you have constructed which can have whatever special headers you desire.

Hope this helps, ...Tim

Tim Theisen             Department of Computer Sciences
Systems Programmer      University of Wisconsin-Madison

(608)262-0438           Madison, WI   53706


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