Watchdog reset on SPARC station 1

Watchdog reset on SPARC station 1

Post by David Addis » Sat, 16 Oct 1993 22:41:54

        quick question - is there any way of getting more diagnostics from a
watchdog reset on a Sun SPARC station 1 with OpenBoot Rom V2.8 ?
        e.g. the IU PC and the MMU data fault address.



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1. "Watchdog reset" during Solaris 8 installation on SPARC 10

Greetings.  We've got a Sun SPARC 10 workstation (1 x 390Z55), ROM Rev.
2.10, with two internal, Sun disk drives (400MB, 1GB), and one external, 2GB
third-party drive.  It has 112 MB of memory (7 of 8 memory slots filled,
probably with 16MB modules, but I haven't verified the latter).

We've been trying to install Solaris 8 on this system, but the system halts
with a "watchdog reset" every time it tries to reboot with the mini-root.
The mini-root as currently constituted is slice 1 of the 400 MB Sun drive,
and that slice takes up the entire drive.  (We've tried variations of this.)

We can install Solaris 7 without any difficulty, and we can access the 400
MB drive from there without any problem.  We've run format/analyze on it,
newfs'ed the partition in question, copied hundreds of megabytes of files to
it, etc.  There seems to be no problem with the drive as viewed from Solaris

Any suggestions?



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