1. TRAV: Howdy and Some Questions

Hello Linux d00ds.  How's it going?

Gardner Trask and I are doing a Kerouac "On the Road" thing using the
Usenet Newsfeed as our metaphor for the wide-open American West.  Or
something like that.  And our third stop is comp.os.linux.advocacy.  You
probably guessed the last bit.  If you're interested in what we're doing
(yeah, sure), I have posted the FAQ here.


1.  What brought you folks to Linux?  Are you hackers, developers,
    computer-oriented civil libertarians?  Like, what is it about Linux
    that appeals to you?

2.  In Steve Miller's "The Joker" when he sings "'cause I speak with the
    [unknown word here] of love."  What is *THAT* word?

    Is it <pompitous>?  Or <properties>?  <Pompousness>?


Tom Richardson

P.S.--I'm kinda embarrassed to admit this, but my two favorite sources
      of computer information are the O'Reilly books and IDG's Dummies
      series.  Weird, huh?

P.P.S.--Matt Welsh and Lars Kaufman did a great job with _Running Linux_.
        Along with the Rathbones (Ike and Tina), I think Matt and Lar are
        the K3WL3ST.

P.P.P.S.--*Andy* and Tina.  I meant to write "Andy and Tina" not "Ike and
           Tina".  Sheesh.

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4. Howdy: Question - upgrading KDE3 - KDE3.1 (SuSE 8.1 distro)

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