HP-UX 11i V1.6 kernel debugging

HP-UX 11i V1.6 kernel debugging

Post by tom swi » Wed, 30 Apr 2003 02:50:19

I have an rx2000 running HP-UX 11i V1.6 and was wondering whether there
was a symbolic debuugger that could be used to format data structures
in a way similar to [k]dbx -k /vmunix on Tru64 UNIX. I don't have a source code
licence but on Tru64 you can build up quite a good picture using C style
casting, header files and whatis commands. I used to know how to drive adb but
have been spoiled by dbx. Ican't find anything on HP's web site for Itanium.  

Out of interest, can I ask the same question of Solaris 9?

Regards Tom


1. HP-UX 11i V1.6 kernel debugger

I have a rx2000 running HP-UX 11i V1.6 and wonder what is the best symbolic
debugger to use on the running kernel. On Tru64 you have dbx and kdbx that
give lots of info even without access to the source code.
I used to know how to drive adb but cannot find any up to date (Itanium based)
info on running it. Although Q4 is in /usr/contrib it is a PS-RISC executable
with docs that imply it is only for use with PA-RISC. I have downloaded
wdb but am not sure how to run it on the kernel.
My objectives are solely to learn a bit about HP-UX on Itanium.
Regards Tom

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