Having trouble getting gethostbyname() to play ball

Having trouble getting gethostbyname() to play ball

Post by Andy Holy » Sun, 23 Sep 1990 03:27:22

        I run a Gould (Sorry Encore :-( ) PowerNode which is isolated
from other tcp/ip hosts (JANET uses X25, even our local network uses
it). Recently I've been trying to get some software to go which falls
over apparently due to a call to gethostbyname() returning NULL. Fair
enough, so I wrote a little noddy program to do a gethostbyname() and
tell me what h_errno returned, so I've got an idea what's wrong.
Except h_errno is set to 0. That's not one of the legal error values.
gethostent() works fine, returns a perfectly respectable hostent* for
the one legal line in /etc/hosts, but the call to gethostbyname()
still folds. Any ideas? Which FM should I have R'ed?

Oh, yes I'm running UTX-32 V2.1.


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