Port 'authd' to System V

Port 'authd' to System V

Post by Bradley E. Smi » Sun, 07 Jul 1991 01:06:21

I am trying to port 'authd' to Sysvtem V.3 (on 386 and 3B2).  But I am
having problems.  I really would like some input.

- First has anyone done this?

- The socket structure layout of Sysvtem V.3 (WIN TCP/IP) doesn't have
  the uid in it.. It does point to mblock's and dblock's, but I can't
  seem to find out who has those blocks attached.

- The file/inode tables don't seem to show open streams (WIN TCP/IP is
  build on streams) and the streams table show nothing.

- What I want to do is given a socket buffer be able to find what
  id has that buffer.

please help, thanks brad

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Port 'authd' to System V

Post by Dan Bernste » Mon, 08 Jul 1991 06:55:43

Quote:> I am trying to port 'authd' to Sysvtem V.3 (on 386 and 3B2).  But I am
> having problems.  I really would like some input.

Unfortunately, the information necessary for versions of authd past 3.0
simply isn't recorded in the kernel under most System V implementations
of TCP/IP. Older versions of authd (see auth, comp.sources.unix volume
22) didn't require kernel support and would probably be much easier to
port, but they did require user programs to cooperate by explicitly
invoking a setuid program to make an authenticated connection.

Your best bet is to call up your TCP/IP vendor and ask for RFC 931
support and a cheap upgrade. Sorry I don't know of any easy solutions.

Quote:> - First has anyone done this?

Not to my knowledge. Several have tried. Look at the bright side,
though: You aren't trying to port it to OS/2. :-)



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