Config mem to step around controllers in ISC3.0.1

Config mem to step around controllers in ISC3.0.1

Post by Timothy » Sat, 22 Oct 1994 06:33:54

I'm running ISC 3.0.1 on a Compaq 385/25. I just upgraded the RAM from
9meg to 13meg. After I did this, I ran the CMOS setup program to tell it
about the extra memory. I also ran a memory test program to make sure
that the new memory was okay. Now, X won't run. I looked at the error log
for X and it says that it was:

"Unable to map video memory at 0xc00000"

I have a Cornerstone XL display along with their video card. I called
the folks at Cornerstone and the fella said that there are two places
I could map the video card: at 0xc00000 and 0xb00000 (by way of a single
jumper). The main RAM runs up to 0xcfffff, so either address range doesn't
do me any good. Is there a way in ISC3.0.1 to have UNIX "step around"
this 1meg chunk of controller address?