Looking for papers about internals of the SunOS VM subsystem

Looking for papers about internals of the SunOS VM subsystem

Post by Jordan Hay » Fri, 24 Apr 1992 00:42:14

I'm looking for papers on the SunOS VM subsystem including (but not
limited to) mmap() and friends ... I know there have been a few papers
over the past few years, but all my proceedings are 3k miles from here.

I saw a new book series called the Sun Technology Papers, and the first
volume has about 2 pages (plus a diagram!) about some of it, but I'm
looking for more details.  What I *really* need is access to some
source control to figure out what the optimal solution to my particular
problem is, but I'll take papers!




1. Looking for a paper Contrasting VMS and Ultrix

I hope this doesn't generate miles of discussions -

I'm looking for a Paper that some university may have written that compares
and contrasts DEC VMS and Ultrix (UNIX).  One of our customers is a very large
VMS site, and they are interested in some sort of "Management Overview" that
contrasts the operating and user environment of the two systems.

I'd appreciate direct MAIL replies- this topic is surely one that could swamp
the net with weeks of Point/CounterPoint.  I'd like to avoid this- if there's
sufficient interest, I'll post a summary of the replies I get.


LIVE:   Barry A. Burke, (617) 499-6370
USPS:   Adelie Corporation, 125 CambridgePark Drive Cambridge, MA  02140

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