device-driver question

device-driver question

Post by Ram G. Iy » Sat, 18 Mar 1995 03:51:07

I am writing a device-driver  for SunOS 4.1.3  on a SPARCstation 2.  I
am awaiting the DDK, but would like to forge ahead without it.

I implemented quite a bit  of the functionality,  but hit a brick wall
when  I  tried to code up  the  XXX_select() routine.   I realize that
XXX_select()  should call  selwait()  but  I don't   have any docs  on

Has anyone out there implemented the select()  function in the driver?
If so, could you enlighten me?

I will post a summary with the answers I receive


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1. Device driver question (generic device driver)

Hi, I post this for a colleague, who is unable to post here, so please

Now his questions:

I'm currently involved in writing a generic device driver, that
implements some common functions for other real drivers. My problem is:
How can I make sure that the generic driver is loaded first (before the
real driver modules)? Is there any order besides the order in the
How does the OS loads it's own generic driver-modules?
Is it on demand ?
If yes, how is the "demanding" encoded, and where (Is there a defaults
file for this ? Is it hardcoded or can it be configured?) ?

Any help appreciated!
Thanks in advance for your replies!




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