Selection of PPA in DLPI attach.

Selection of PPA in DLPI attach.

Post by Robert Withr » Sat, 25 Jul 1992 02:17:07

Is anyone aware of how the ``industry'' is selecting PPA numbers
to use in a DLPI attach request?

I understand that OSF is using a method that involves ``magic'' numbers,
and doen't seem to be extremely portable...???

 Robert Withrow, R.W. Withrow Associates, Swampscott MA 01907 USA



Two questions for people out there that may have dealt with these issues

1) Is there any way to bind multiple PPA or SAP devices? (It would be
convenient to bind multiple interfaces to a single stream/descriptor at

2) Anybody ever gotten select on multiple interface/ppas to work?
I open about 8 PPA's and attempt to do a select on them for input
and it has yet to work. Kernel bug? design flaw? Or is it supposed to
be this way?

Doug Hughes                                     Engineering Network Services
System/Net Admin                                Auburn University

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