help with 20/20 spreadsheet

help with 20/20 spreadsheet

Post by John F Haugh » Tue, 21 Jan 1992 01:32:47

Quote:>what is procedure to printout a graph or view a graph of data
>i have typed into my 20/20 spreadsheet, on a LAN DEC
>computer, using ultirx operating system?

As I recall (and it has been several years ...), 20/20 sends plotting
commands to /dev/plot.  You have to select the type of plotter connected
to that device.  We typically used a named pipe named /dev/plot to
collect the data and process it as we owned no plotters.  I had a program
which converted the HP-GL commands that 20/20 was outputting, and
converted them to libplot commands.  The libplot commands were then
converted into bit-mapped operations for a HP LaserJet II printer.

Your milage will vary, of course, depending on what hardware you have at
your disposal.
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