1. Losing internal mail when the Internet is lost

I have a Linux box running Slackware 3.4 which handles my IP
masquerading and DSL connection. I use another Slack 3.4 box, with an
internal IP of 192.168.*.*, as my e-mail server. I use Fetchmail to grab
mail from an external mail server for our organization which is then
stored on the internal mail server for use by workstations.

The problem is this:

When I lose connection to the internet everyone on my internal network
is unable to get mail from the internal mail server. The client used on
the workstations is Netscape 4.5 under Windows NT using the mail
notifier to check for mail. When I lose the internet the little blue
"pinwheel" freezes in the corner and a dialog box asking for a password
comes up. I also notice that it take alot longer to telnet into the mail
server at this time too. But I've increased the timeout for the notifier
and that still doesn't solve it.

Has anyone have a solution, idea, or ever dealt with a similar problem
before? If you need more info on the situation I'll post more.


Eric Carlson

MIS Dept
Midstate Manufacturing

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