Inode problem?

Inode problem?

Post by Gennady Kuznetso » Fri, 13 Apr 2001 14:49:58

IMHO in different...
Hash function on inode queue is built on file_system/file_no, but
hash function on buffer queue is built on file_system/block_no.


>Hai all,
>I am not good in UNIX internals,  I got a basic doubt.  As I know the
>maintains buffers in the  buffer cache in hash queues.  For inodes also
>maintains cache and hash queues.
>My question are the both inodes and buffers will be placed in the same hash
>queue or in different hash queues.

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This problem has bitten me too: a sudden jump from some modest percentage of
inodes in use to 100%. This happens to me on my /usr/spool/news filesystem,
but then that's the one which gets the most addition and deletion of files.

I believe this known at SCO, and I think it is being addressed.


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