NEED INFO: DLPI Specifications

NEED INFO: DLPI Specifications

Post by Takashi Hagiwa » Thu, 09 Apr 1992 11:32:35

Could anyone tell me how to get "White Paper - Streams Based Data-Link Provider?
Also, any information on DLPI is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Takashi Hagiwara
Sony Corporation


1. DLPI problem, help/info needed


I read "How to use DLPI" and the Sun Technical Bulletin September 1992 and
I still can't figure out what goes wrong with my packet capturing software:
I seem to receive an additional header in the packets. The first
header of the bufmod module is fine, it has reasonable lengths, drop
counts and timestamps, although the lengths seem to be 24 too large,
the same as the size of this mysterious extra header. This header
comes after this 'bufmod' header (and seems 24 bytes long) and before
the actual packet (checked by looking for Ethernet addresses in the

I tried the software of "How to use DLPI" and that works fine (no
extra header). My software does basically the same: attach, bind,
push modules, configure the modules, set raw mode, set promiscuous
mode on physical and SAP level and read incoming messages.

Sometimes (not reproducable) I receive no messages at all. But
basically, I receive the packets, the 'bufmod' header seems fine, the
packet is there, but I get that darned extra bytes in between.

Anybody seen this before and knows what to do?

Please mail me, because the news feed of c.u.s is very very flakey here.



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