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I am a Human Resources Consultant working directly with Sequoia Systems in
Marlborough, MA.

We have an immediate need to identify (6) Kernel Level Consulting engineers to work
on exciting new product development.

 I am willing to pay $2,000.00 to any person who refers a qualified candidate  to us IF
that person is offered a position ,  accepts . and remains in this project for 90 days.

Requirements: Must be US CITIZENS or have a valid Green Card! Should be located
in Massachusetts.

-7-10 years of UNIX, kernel level OS development.
-experience in development of software subsystems,I/O Management, checkpoint
memory module, device drivers,virtual memory, memory mapped I/O.

To register a candidate with us simply fax a resume to : Sequoia Project Candidate
Referral - 508-865-3174. You must have YOUR complete contact information on the
cover letter. We will send a written acknowledgement of this resume to you once we
have validated that this is a qualified candidate. Payment will be made once the
candidate has started in the position. Voice mail may be left at 508-865-3531.

We thank you for your assistance.


1. Referrals to UNIX vs MVS Publications

Phone:     AV: 570-9166  COMM: (717) 267-9166

Managerial elements within the Dept. of Army organization I work  for  are
asking  for  the pros and cons/advantage and disadvantages of UNIX vs MVS.
The objective is to  provide  a  logical  and  professional  analysis  and
comparison  of  these  Operating  Systems  (PLEASE  no  flames).  I  would
appreciate any referrals to published documents which address this  topic.
These  will  be forwarded to the section tasked to perform this comparison
and I would summarize the responses received if there is any interest.

Appreciation is expressed in advanced for any information received.


  Thomas E. Harrison                           USAMC SIMA
  UNIX Team Leader                             ATTN: AMXSI-TLB
  AV: 570-9166  COMMERCIAL: (717) 267-9166     Chambersburg, PA 17201-4180

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