SVR4 DDI/DKI -- how do I signal a process

SVR4 DDI/DKI -- how do I signal a process

Post by John Tampl » Thu, 20 Sep 1990 10:51:33

I recently bought the SVR4 DDI/DKI reference manual.  In looking through
the migration info from SVR3.2, it says there is no equivalent to signal
and psignal.  How then does a device driver send a signal to a process?

As a second, less important question, it also says that mmap will not be
supported after 4.0, but gives no clue as to a replacement.  I would assume
that all of the code which calls memmap will have to interrogate the driver
in some driver-dependent way to get a physical address and then use shmget
to access it.  I would hope there is another way, since this is pretty

Thanks for any help.
John Tamplin                                            Xavax

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