HP-UX VME Device Driver

HP-UX VME Device Driver

Post by Gary A. Ha » Thu, 07 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I am attempting to write a VME device driver for an HP-743i/100 MHZ
VMEbus board computer runnint HP-UX 9.05.  WE have a proprietary SAFENET
(FDDI) VMEbus board computer containing a Motorola 68040 processor which
must map its local memory for message processing onto the HP-743i
memory.  We also need to read status information from VME space reported
by a Motorola MVME 162 VMEbus board computer.  I have been reading the
HP-UX 9.05 VME Configuration and Driver Development Guide.  I would
greatly appreciate any advice, sample code, etc. that anyone may have to
help me get started.

If possible, please e-mail responses to

should post this article to another more appropriate news group, please
let me know (as I'm sure you will :-))

Thanks in advance,


Gary Hall
Litton Data Systems


1. QUESTION: Device Driver for VME/DMA parms on HP-UX 10.20 743i

I am developing a VME device driver on HP-UX 10.20 model 743i.
I have the documentation "VME Device Driver"(Part No: A4412-90020).
I must use DMA for my device driver.  I found some problems:

(1) DMA parameters struct "dma_parms" is not in /usr/conf/h/uio.h that
    described in above document, it is in /usr/conf/h/io.h

(2) the field "chain_ptr" of dma_parms, its type is not
    "struct addr_chain_type" that described in above document, but
    "struct iovec".  Since I have to use chain physical address
    chain_ptr[index].physical_addr to DMA after calling
    I ever tried to use chain_ptr[index].io_base as the physical address to
    DMA.  I traced and debuged for it, I found xxxx.iov_base could not be
    used as physical address for DMA.   What should I do?

Jun Han

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