TCP/IP network configuration

TCP/IP network configuration

Post by Dominick Sampe » Thu, 10 Jan 1991 07:24:41

I'm responsible for the planning and configuration of an evolving
TCP/IP network, and the proliferation of X Terminals and PC's running
TCP/IP software on the network is beginning to concern me. Sun tech
support has claimed that NCD X Terminals can confuse rarpd so that
diskless Sun clients cannot boot. We have found that rarpd must be
killed and then restarted in order to boot an SLC (after it has been
up for a few days), and our X Terminals (NCD's) do not even use
rarpd for booting (their IP address is fetched from NVRAM). We often
have to make several attempts to boot our X Terminals due to
intermittent TFTP failures (usually during config/font file

Has anyone else experienced problems mixing X Terminals, PC's, and
workstations on the same network?

Dominick Samperi -- Citicorp



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I have a rather simple question (I think :-). I'm running the
following network configuration.

    WinXP               RedHat Linux               Win95<---><--->

The Linux computer has three ethernet-cards, configured like above.
Both WinXP and Win95 can access the internet via ppp0
(ADSL-connection), but the can't ping eachother:
- can ping and, but not
- can ping and, but not

My routing table looks like this:
Kernel IP routing table
Destination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags Metric Ref  
Use Iface *      UH    0      0      
0 ppp0    *        U     0      0      
0 eth2        *        U     0      0      
0 eth1    *        U     0      0      
0 eth0       *            U     0      0      
0 lo

default         UG    0      0      
0 ppp0

With xxx and yyy replaced by numbers :-)

Can anybody help me? Thanks in advance!


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