related simple thing

related simple thing

Post by Mark Ina » Tue, 27 Feb 1996 04:00:00

        I need to strip out the IP numbers that telnet
gives you when you do a telnet (so the simple users
don't know what's going on...but then the real danger
is not the simple users..) I tried this:
telnet <B> <B's port> | grep -v <B's ip number>
it kind of works! but now i can't see what I'm typing
until I hit a return, and it seems to give me an extra carriage
return and line feed after login: passwd: and all my prompts.
hmm! I guess it makes sense since grep does things line by
line... any ideas on how to make the session a little smoother
while still stripping away the first two lines of the whole session?

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i have started to work in http related project.Can anyone help me in
the following requirement:

i have to send messages from one linux machine to another linux machine
using APACHE server and only C interface(Not using any scripting).if
anyone briefs me how to achieve this, i will be gratefull.



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