Loadable Device Drivers

Loadable Device Drivers

Post by Doug Eva » Sat, 25 Jan 1992 15:25:29

Quote:> ...

>The toughest part will be the loadable device drivers, probably. You can't
>have people relinking the kernel all the time.

Something I've been curious about for some time ... and now that you've
reminded me of it ...

The lowly 3b1/Unix-PC has loadable device drivers.

A project in my final year at university was to write a (simple)
loadable device driver facility for BSD 4.2(3?) on a Vax 11/730(750?).
Didn't take *that* many lines of code either to get a working version.
(Hard part was, of course, the learning curve).

Are they really that difficult to implement? What are the problems?

(I've posted this in comp.unix.internals only).


1. Loadable device drivers and debugging

Ok.  I admit it. I'm stumped.

I'm using GDB 4.18 remotely to try to debug a loadable module from a
remote system running RedHat 6.1 .  I use the add-symbol-file command
with the load address of the loaded module and then try to look at the
addresses of the symbols loaded and try to set breakpoints.  

Well, they are all wrong.  Many of the symbols of functions are all
mapped to the same address.  When the debugger stops, all the wrong
source line are indicated.  This makes debugging awkward.

Anyone out there doing this kind of debugging and can offer any

I hate to think I have to debug the debugger.  I'd prefer to think I
had done something wrong.

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