How to determine if tty device is a serial device

How to determine if tty device is a serial device

Post by Sean Sheridan Coleman X56 » Mon, 28 Jan 1991 17:39:04

How can my c program determine if the tty device that it is
told to use to collect data is a serial device and not a
network device like ttyp0.

Sean Coleman

Boulder, CO


1. how does the device driver determines its device number?


My NIC driver is 3c59x.o. I was wondering when the module is loaded,
how does it know it should be called eth0 instead of eth1? Is it
because there is an alias called "eth0" pointing to it or it just
grabs the first unoccupied eth number? Is it decided by the kernel
or by the device driver?

A related question: is /dev/sd5 the SCSI disk with SCSI ID 5?

Thanks in advance for any info!

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