Expert System for Unix error classification

Expert System for Unix error classification

Post by Kirt Undercoffe » Sat, 18 Apr 1998 04:00:00

I'm interested in finding references for OS
(esp. Unix) error classification using expert

So far, I'm unable to come up with any
references at all.  Studies of Unix errors
in general would also be helpful (I'm
currently going through "Panic!").


Kirt Undercoffer


1. OpenBSD's security rating in the Orange Book classification system.

Most Unices have around a C.2 rating in the Orange/Rainbow Books series on
computer security.

( The Orange Book is also known as - "Trusted Computer System Evaluation
Criteria, DOD standard 5200.28-STD, December, 1985" )

What security rating would a well-configured and security-patched copy of
OpenBSD have under that rating system?


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