Question about plan 9

Question about plan 9

Post by Guy Harr » Fri, 11 Feb 1994 08:03:54

Quote:>Thanks!  I'm trying to fix Linux's /proc/<pid>/fd/n and /proc/self/fd/n
>to be consistent with Plan 9, and I want to know what that should be.

Why not fix them to be consistent with various flavors of UNIX, instead,
as SVR4's "/dev/fd/n", like Research V9's "/dev/fd/n", does do a "dup()"
(i.e., it doesn't just re-open the same file that's open on FD "n", it
really does a "dup()", courtesy of a bit of a back-door hack).

If Plan 9 does something different, well, "it's magnificient, but it's
not UNIX" (Plan 9, after all, never claimed to *be* UNIX, as far as I
know), and Linux is, I think, supposed to be UNIX-flavored....


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