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Can you send me a picture of a women wearing nothing but PANTYHOSE


1. Hey, Claire, hey James (Bond, from MI6)

Culled from the Melbourne Age:

                Microsoft has been repeatedly castigated for woeful levels of security on its
                   products, and Friday's humiliation did not come as a great
surprise within
                   the industry.

                   The break-in was the latest in a string of security breaches
of Microsoft
                   products and networks that the company has tackled, often
only after
                   hackers have pointed out the loopholes.

                   The Lovebug and Melissa viruses were able to wreak such
                   costing corporate e-mail systems tens of billions of dollars,
only because
                   Microsoft repeatedly ignored criticisms of security
vulnerabilities in its

                   A similar complacency led to the company being forced to
close its Hotmail
                   e-mail service last year after a security breach allowed
anyone to read
                   subscribers' personal messages.

Still need a 56-year old kid to rub your nose in it, James?

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