socket overflow?

socket overflow?

Post by Joseph H. Buehl » Tue, 15 Nov 1994 22:14:59

I have written a special-purpose NFS server that uses NFS loopback
(i.e., its clients run on the same machine that the server itself runs
on).  I am having a problem related to the number of biod daemons
running.  If I run more than two biod's, the some of the UDP packets
received by the NFS server go into exponential retry behaviour.  This
kills throughput.

I assume that this is due to buffer overflow somewhere in the kernel,
probably because of the way loopback UDP sockets are implemented?  Is
there any way to fix this?  Right now I have to decrease the number of
biod daemons to get decent throughput.

I am using SVR4/386.  Thanks for your help.

Joe Buehler


1. udp socket overflow

This problem concerns a application on HP-UX 9.0.

We have written a server listening for connectionless
udp datagrams. Now we detect that this server looses
messages (ok, the server is somewhat slow, but thats a
unchangeble fact!)

If i run netstat -s, i can see, that we have
socket overflow.

My question: How can we make the 'socket queue' greater
than it is now ? Is the value of allowed pending datagrams
a system parameter? Where ?

Any help is very appreciated!


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