writing scsi device scsi adapter drivers under hp-ux

writing scsi device scsi adapter drivers under hp-ux

Post by Satya R » Thu, 11 Feb 1993 05:25:09

Does anybody out there know if there is any documentation and/or sample
code or some kind of development kit available for writing device
drivers under HP-UX(700 series)? I am interested in adding scsi target
devices to HP's scsi interface as well as adding other scsi host
adapters. Is there some kind of porting/suuport center in HP that I can
contact for assiatance. Appreciate any help.


Satya Rao.


1. scsi device driver under hp-ux

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[ Author was Matthew Gream ]
[ Posted on 1 Feb 1993 07:12:11 GMT ]

Im trying to write a few routines to send small ( <= 255 byte ) messages
to a specific target on the scsi bus of a HP 9000 300 series machine
(in fact, this will need to be able to run on 300/400/700 and possibily
newer models in the future).
I would like to do this without having to write a kernel driver, as
my operation is simple (write message, and check return code from the
Ive been playing with sending scsi cdb's to a cdrom, and had reasonable
success, but the device i will eventually need to talk to will not be
a filesystem. What I am wondering is whether it would be possible to
use the existing scsi driver and make a device with the minor number
pointing to the appropriate target on the scsi bus? if not, then I will
need to write my own device driver, the problem here is that I have
no idea (HP is a new platform for me) what the entry points to the
internal HP scsi hardware io driver.
Im a bit lost on how to tackle this problem, so if anyone can help or
point me to appropriate references, id be most gratefull.



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