System crashes, beware

System crashes, beware

Post by Glenn Fo » Fri, 04 Jan 1991 03:17:20

I thought I would inform users of BSD systems (I know that on DEC's 3100
and Sun Workstations this is a problem, and I ASSUME others as well).

Any system running X-windows R11.4 or less I think there is a major
problem if a user uses xdb and makes socket calls. The SELECT call
may be the source of the problem.  Anyways my classmates and I for
Computer Networks brought the Universties Main machine and workstations
to a screeching halt using xdb and sockets.  Just be aware that there is
a BUG somewhere there, and will cause the system to completely crash!!

Glenn Ford

UUCP: ..uunet!ocsmd!glenn


1. Beware, beware when munging around /var/mail...

A short war story which happened to yours truly this past weekend... Let's
say this was a learning experience ;)

Our campus mail server had been running out of space for the incoming mail
for a while now, so I took advantage of the Mexican Independence holiday
to shut it down and rearrange things.

There I go, merrily defining a new partition, dumping all inboxes onto it
and mounting it in it's place. No errors so far and I was happy as a clam.
To be on the safe side, I decided to get a backup of the whole machine
before letting the users loose on it.

When the machine reboots following the backup, and goes back to runlevel
3, all mail-hell broke loose. Unbeknownst to me (yeah, I know, I SHOULD
have double-checked), the /var/mail mount point had switched group, from
mail to sys, but retaining 1775 permissions. As a result, sendmail was
correctly placing the incoming letters on temp files in /tmp, but mail was
unable to deliver them since it had no write permissions.

By the time I caught it, there were over 1,700 temp mailfiles and very
mystified users who were not receiving mail. A quick chgrp remedied the
operation, but I was still left with MUCHOS undelivered mailfiles. I am
still wondering why the change of group.

Also, after the experience, I checked out three Sol 2.4 hosts I had
recently installed and was surprised to find that /var/mail had 1777
permissions !! It did correctly belong to mail/mail, though. Since I had
just reinstalled one of them from CD, I can only assume this was the
default. Fortunately, there was no security leak here, since these
machines do not receive mail (MX points elsewhere) but this really looks
like something to check into.

Also, in order to clean up /tmp and deliver the bunch of undelivereds, I
whipped up a quick Perl script. It is definitely not a work of art and
Larry Wall would probably find it hilariously funny, but I can either post
it here or send it to anyone in a similar predicament.

Just for the record, all this happened  on a SS20, with Sol 2.3, Perl
5.001m and sendmail v8.6.12.


Campus Queretaro

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