Help needed on STREAMS device drivers..

Help needed on STREAMS device drivers..

Post by Ajit Kumar Je » Thu, 25 Jun 1992 23:38:06


I am modifying a non-stream character device driver to
a STREAMS-based device driver. The hardware in question
is a locally made ethernet card. The OS is SCO UNIX 5.3.2.

I am a beginner as far ar STREAMS are concerned. I have
managed to do the send-packet function using STREAMS.
I am having problems in the receive side as follows:

I receive packets thru the interrupt service routine
called lanintr(). But I am not able to pass the packets
up to the STREAM-head using the STREAMS mechanism.

Any suggestions/ideas appreciated.




1. HELP needed: Solaris PCI device driver, device not auto detected.

I am writing a device driver for two PCI adapter cards under Solaris 2.5.1
on x86 machines. The two PCI adapter cards are identical except that one
uses PLX 9060 chip and the other one uses PLX 9050 chip. When both cards
are present in the machine, the probe and attach routines of my driver are
invoked only for the card with 9060 chip. I used the following command to
install the driver:
   add_drv -i'"pci1248,4" "pci1248,204"' cdp
Our vendor ID is 0x1248, and device ID for these two cards is 0x04 and 0x204,
respectively, and "cdp" is the name of the driver. (No conf file is used.)

Did anyone have any clue why the card with 9050 chip is not auto detected?

I also tried to use the following conf file instead of letting the cards
be auto detected.
  name="cdp" parent="pci" reg=0x7800,0,0,0,0;
  name="cdp" parent="pci" reg=0x8000,0,0,0,0;
This way, it did find both cards, but ddi_regs_map_setup() failed for both
cards when I tried to map the local configuration registers.

Any information or suggestion is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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