WANTED: a.out.h header for DEC 5000/240 running Ultrix and/or Mach

WANTED: a.out.h header for DEC 5000/240 running Ultrix and/or Mach

Post by Antony Richar » Sat, 16 Jul 1994 13:18:13


I'm trying to get a run time dynamic linker (as opposed to a dynamically
library) running on the DEC 5000/240 running either Ultrix or Mach.  This
requires the a.out.h header file.  The default file, /usr/include/a.out.h is
not complete (it is missing some constants, and macros) for the mips

Does anybody have a correct a.out.h file for the mips machine?

Thanks in advance,

See you,


1. ntalk 5.4 on Sun will not talk to DEC 5000/240 Ultrix talk - Help

I have been wanting to get ntalk running on our Sun server so that our
students would be able to talk to people at sites running DEC/Intel byte
order.  I had retrieved a version of ntalk earlier, but it required a talkd
or talk .h file that was not on the Sun.  In some group a week or so ago
someone posted about another version which I retrieved and compiled with no

I installed the new ntalk.  I added a line for ntalk to /etc/services, added
ntalkd to inetd.conf, did a kill -1 1, and did a make services in /var/yp to
rebuild the services map.

To test it I have been trying to get talk going between the Sun and the DEC.
Prior to these changes, talk requests to the DEC got a "Who are you ..."
message from the DEC.  Now requests initiated on the Sun for a talk to

two talks show:

[Trying to connect to your party's talk daemon]    (on the Sun)


[Checking for invitation on caller's machine]      (on the DEC)

It can sit there for several minutes like this with no time outs.  I do not
have a clue.

If anyone has any insight I would appreciate it very much.

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