as200 redhat 5.2 install problems

as200 redhat 5.2 install problems

Post by Ralf Uhli » Mon, 30 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Hi, Rich,

rmdc> the install fails with the following message
rmdc> (paraphrased): "install exited abnormally - received signal 11
rmdc> ... unmounting partitions ... it is now safe to reboot your
rmdc> computer."

I had the same problem with my AlphaPC164LX based system.
It happend with the option "Select individual packages"
in the state "Choose packages to install".
If I had deactivated this option the installation went on.

But after installing RedHat 5.2, I have still a problem.
When I call a command, for example "ls", I get a message
"ls: unimplemented OSF mmap flags 0402". This message comes
six times, but the command is executed after that.

What the hell is that? Has it something to do with the
ugly "unaligned trap" messages I had with RedHat 5.0?

But I will ask RedHat for this and other problems.
Im very disappointed about the RedHat 5.X distribution.

Ciao...    Ralf


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Hi all,

   I am currently fighting a battle.  I actually purchased a copy of Redhat
5.2/Alpha.  Well, the sad tail begins there.  I am installing on an infamous
AS 200 4/233.  When I boot, i have problems with writing to the disk.  All
else works, when I get to the point of writing the files to the HD, it dies
saying that it could not get the file.  So, being the consumer that I am, i
emailed RH support.  The reply follows:

 I am faced with two prolbems.  First, I have no other controller.  I may be
able to beg or borrow one for a day though.  Second, I can never get to  The damn thing is always busy.  Does anyone know if
there is a better way, or if there is a mirror somewhere with this
particular peice of code and what it is?

Any help would be much appreciated.



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