Sale: Alpha axp150 all or parts, does work

Sale: Alpha axp150 all or parts, does work

Post by djnightl » Wed, 05 Jun 2002 13:06:14

Just wanted to see if anyone might be looking for parts for this monster.
The side cover and front top covers are missing, no hard drives, no memory,
but all else is there.  I did temporarily install memory and hard drives,
did get it up and running with the ecu diskettes, even installed nt.   This
machine always did take additional time for a clean install, for the scsi
drives to awaken.  I always had to run ecu config, wait an hour or so, and
then the hard drives would run just fine.
  You pay only for shipping, via paypal, and it's yours.  It's heavy as
heck, prolly around $50 or so locally in USA.  Again, it's missing case
covers, memory, hard-drive,  but all else is there.

I will provide the ecu diskette also, a copy.


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Does anyone out there have any experience in getting the X server up
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My machine is a standard configuration with #9GXE video card, and
the Digital VRC16 monitor.

I can install just fine, but I cant get the X server configured

When I start X I get "None of the configured devices were detected"

Does anyone have a XF86Config file for this machine which they
can send???

Any help in this matter would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Monty Scroggins
Software Quality Assurance Engineer

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