AlphaStation 200 4/100 Sound question

AlphaStation 200 4/100 Sound question

Post by WS » Sun, 10 Sep 2000 20:39:23

I can install RH 6.2 on my AlphaStation 200 4/100 with no problem.  And
everything runs like a dream.  However, I am having a problem configuring
the sound.  The internal speaker works, but I cannot get the onboard sound
card to send the sound out to my speakers.  I need to know what the jumper
settings on the card are to enable the sound card and not just the internal
speaker.  sndconfig works and it knows the card is there, but as I said it
is all being put thru the internal speaker.  If anybody has a URL for a
configuration guide or can put what I need in the group I'd be beyond

Thanks all!

Benton de Payne


1. Dead AlphaStation 200 4/100 or memory troubles

Looks like I've got a dead AlphaStation 200 4/100, but before I give up on
it, I need some troubleshooting advice.

The unit was purchased today and was without RAM and HD.  It has the
standard floppy, CDROM and sound card.  The CPU is present.  Unit has the
DEC video card.  The little network card is missing.  The HD bracket is
missing.  It has likely been stripped for parts.

I have added 64MB RAM, known good and borrowed from another Alpha
system.  For now, there is no HD.  A PCXAL keyboard, mouse and monitor
have been connected.

This motherboard has 8 SIMM sockets instead of the 6 I would expect to
find in an AS200.  Other jumper and socket positions also do not match my
other AS200 4/166 or documentation diagrams.  Manufacture date is May

Without RAM installed, or with RAM improperly installed when powered up,
the beep code 1-3-3 is sounded indicating that 2MB RAM could not be
found.  LEDs show xxxx xxox where x=on and o=off.  From this I presume
that SROM is present to run the memory tests.  No video output is present.

Failure symptoms are as follows:

With 64MB RAM properly installed, there is no beep code sounded on
power-up and there is no output to video.  The LEDs continually cycle
through the following three indications without stopping, where x=on and
xxxx xoxx
xxxx xoox
xxxx xxoo

Attempts to load a failsafe loader floppy using jumper J2 fail with no
floppy drive activity.  LED indicators cycle as above.  No post code
beeps.  Apparently DROM is never loaded.

Does anyone recognize this failure?  What's up with the 8 sockets instead
of 6?  I appreciate any advice.  Thanks.

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