libProbList-0.8.3 compiles with ccc

libProbList-0.8.3 compiles with ccc

Post by h0l0gRa » Thu, 25 May 2000 04:00:00

tar-ball source
options -O4 -fast

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1. Compile Boutells GDLIB.8.3, Can someone help?


I'm a newbie in Linux.

Recently I have installed RedHat 6.2 on my computer.Now I want to
install the GDLIB 1.8.3.
This is a gif-manipulating library from Boutell
I get a lot of compile error when I try to compile  it.

Can someone help tell me step by step which action to take in order to
install gblib1.8.3 in
got order.

Please help

Greetings Feisal

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