C library bug for long lines in /etc/group

C library bug for long lines in /etc/group

Post by Greg Linda » Sun, 04 Jan 1998 04:00:00

> In Linux 2.0.32 for a Dec Alpha (RedHat), lines longer than 500
> characters in /etc/group cause programs that refer to such lines
> via the C library to enter an infinite loop.  For example, ls -l
> of a file with an invalid group number looks at every line in
> /etc/group, including the long ones.

This is a common Unix bug -- NIS v1 had a limit at 1024 characters, I
think. The fix there is to split the group into several lines with the
same GID.

-- g


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I have a number of large groups that require /etc/group entry of 5400+
bytes.  This worked fine under the 2.2 kernel.

However, after upgrading to the 2.4 kernel, my group lines are chopped
off to 4095 bytes.  Can anyone give me ideas as to where I can hack and
recompile the kernel or the group handling files - the problem happens
with shadow utils enabled.  As I write this, I will disable the shadow
suite and see if the problem persists.

Nope, tried that.  No luck.  The lines in /etc/group are still
truncating to 4095 bytes.  As this is a production server, I am loathe
to recompile the kernel just to play around unless I have a patch I know
will fix the problem.

ANY ideas you may have will be greatly appreciated.

btw - if this has posted multiple times, the connection dropped out  and
I am not sure if it got through.  I certainly can't see the previopus

Cheers and thanks


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