CACAO Java JIT version 0.2

CACAO Java JIT version 0.2

Post by Andreas Kra » Thu, 24 Sep 1998 04:00:00

We announce CACAO version 0.2, a 64 bit JavaVM for the Alpha processor under
Digital Unix and Linux. Version 0.2 has a complete new JIT which about
7 times faster than the old JIT. Multithreading is now supported. For
details see:

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1. ANNOUNCE: Muffin 0.2 - Java HTTP proxy filter

Muffin is an HTTP proxy filter that sits between your web browser and
your HTTP proxy server.  All HTTP transactions are passed through
Muffin which uses filter modules written in Java to process and
possibly modify each transaction.  Several example filters are included
with Muffin, but users are encouraged to write their own.  Muffin is
not an applet, it is a stand-alone Java application.

I'm currently using Muffin to remove HTTP cookies, modify User-Agent
to test the way certain pages will look with different browsers, and
to view all HTTP headers that are sent and received.

The Java source code, screen shots, and more documentation are
available here:


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