Debian install on a Jensen.. help!

Debian install on a Jensen.. help!

Post by Patrick Hanle » Mon, 15 Nov 1999 04:00:00


I am having a wee bit of trouble with installing slink on a Jensen.
Having been through many trials and tribulations, using the faqs at and i eventually have scrapped the idea
of booting from hard disk that both the faq's reccomend, and decided to
boot initially from CD.. which works nicely.  However once I get to the
aboot prompt and type the following (which i think is right) then I hit

aboot>>  /boot/jensen/linux root=/dev/fd0 load_ramdisk=1 prompt_ram

aboot: booted_dev='scsi 1 6 0 0 400 0 jens-io', guessing boot_device =
'scd0'           <-- I guess this means it is booting from the scsi cd
which is fine
aboot: loading plain /boot/jensen/linux ...
aboot: unexpected object file format 137631
aboot: loading compressed /boot/jensen/linux ...

unzip : unknown compression method                                    
<-- And here it has issues with the way the kernel is compressed.

then it goes back to the aboot prompt.

So.. the kernel compression seems to be the issue, but the kernel is
just the standard CD image one, the CD that the system has just booted
from in fact.
Am I doing something silly?  Like not putting a parameter on the boot
command in aboot?
Can anyone give me some helpful pointers or even a complete set of docs
for the version of aboot which is on the slink cd??

Thanks in advance!


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After my Redhat (dissapointing) experience, I switched to another
I downloaded the Debian 2.1 ISO images (2 CD's) and tried to install it on
my Jensen.

Debian has support for a Jensen, so I thought this could be much easier than
installing Redhat.

From the SRM console I boot with the command :

After that aboot 0.5 is loaded from the CD. I read the installation
instructions and it said that no floppies were required.
From the aboot prompt I put the command :

aboot> 1/boot/jensen/linux root =/dev/scd0 ro

Then it boots the kernel and after that I get the message that it was unable
to mount the root.
So I made a floppy with the root1440.bin image to help me out. I booted in a
other way :

aboot> 1/boot/jensen/linux root=/dev/fd0

Again it boot the kernel, but then I got a message saying :

unable to open inital console on /dev/console

Does anyone know what to do. The only information I found on the net is
mostly referring to older Redhat versions. Please let me hear from someone.


Alex Slok

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