RHL 5.1 on AlphaServer 2100A, anyone done it?

RHL 5.1 on AlphaServer 2100A, anyone done it?

Post by Antony C. Robert » Fri, 26 Jun 1998 04:00:00


I am having booting into the Red Hat Linux 5.1 setup process on my
AlphaServer 2100A. Has anybody managed to make this work?

Cheers beers,



1. AlphaServer 2100A HELP!!!

Hi I have an Alpha Server 2100A model 4/275, with 2, 21064A 275mhz
processors, and I have absolutely no idea what i'm doing!!!

It's been collecting dust for about 6 months with NT installed on it,
and the boss finally told me I could do what I want with it.. so of
course.. I want to install Linux.

OK.. anyway, so far i've tried a whole bunch of images and everytime I
do 'boot dva0 -fi vmlinux.gz -fl ....' it loads the kernel.. says ok,
now starting kernel then does a crash and burn.  I tried sable-s which
is for the 2100 series server, but I have a feeling that because the
processor is a 21064 and not a 21064A like in my 2100A series, that
maybe that's the problem... I'm not sure if I should be trying MILO, or
really what I should be doing..   I've got 5 machines here running Linux
already, and I really love it, I just want to get Linux on my Alpha
before the boss changes his mind. :)

Thanks,  Bill

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