Q: realtech NIC install problem in RH6.2

Q: realtech NIC install problem in RH6.2

Post by Yoo, Hojoon 유호&#5145 » Sat, 22 Jun 2002 15:37:01

I just switched from DEC NIC (10MB) to Realtech 8139 (100MB). but my
WOWLINUX 6.2, which is one of Korean version of RH 6.2, have no
rlt8139.o under /lib/modules/kernel-2.2.??/net. I tried to compile
8139too.o but failed. Please email me rlt8139.o if you are using this
version to

Can you tell me what .rpm have these ..../net/*.o files? Wowlinux has
same directory and very similar file names then I can find easily if
you tell me.



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