help with boot floppy error

help with boot floppy error

Post by Kuo-Chieh Tin » Sat, 14 Oct 2000 04:00:00

   I have trouble to boot CD in my alpha server 1000 4/233, so I tried
boot from my floppy. However, it has problem too.  I updated the lated
firmware posted on the web(I think it is 5.4 or something, but definitely
not 5.7 or latest 5.8).  So the floppy works when I update the firmware.
However I got the following error message:

Quote:>>>boot dva0

(boot dva0.0.0.1000.0 -flags 0)
IDE command not sucessful terminated
Missing address mark
.  (repeated previous 3 lines of error message)
IDE bad sector encountered or read unsuccessful
block 0 of dva0.0.0.1000.0 is not a valid boot block
bootstrap failure

Any one has any idea of this?

I use the ramdisk.img in redhat 6.2 CD and use dd in my i386 linux
machine to make a bootdisk.  I tried jumpstart 1.0 but fail to boot
the redhat 6.2 before I tried boot this floppy.   Does my previous mess-up
affect the boot of  my floppy?


Shelandy Ting