PC164 + IDE Hard Drive + Redhat 7.2...How do I boot?

PC164 + IDE Hard Drive + Redhat 7.2...How do I boot?

Post by Charles Erw » Fri, 04 Jul 2003 00:37:44

I can install linux by cdrom fine by booting a floppy and
continuing...however there is no way to boot the hard drive once it's
installed.  SRM Cannot see any hard drives and every milo I've used
cannot read them.  If ANYONE can help me I would appreciate it.  Here
is some info about my setup:

Enorex 433mhz alpha using pc164 board
maxtor 40gb ide hard drive and 52x ide cdrom
Redhat 7.2 installed

Please help if you can.  Email welcomed as well.

Charles Erwin


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