I am having problems with "fvwm2" or Xwindows

I am having problems with "fvwm2" or Xwindows

Post by Julian Choquett » Mon, 08 Feb 1999 04:00:00

First, I am a newbie on linux so be patient.
Actually, i am not a real newbie because I no how to navigate, run programs,
edit them and all the basic stuff.

For my problem well, It's just that when i finished installing RedHat 5.1
I ran all the configuration stuff then typed "startx" and It worked.
But when i restarted linux (a few hours later) I tried it and at the
begining it was normal (mouse showing up) but a few second later It shuted
down it self and sometimes I got some echo on my text (ex: "startx" wood be
"stttaaxx" or something like that and also at the top of the screen it said
"400x300 screen test unable to sync h. at 67 Hz operation canceled" or
something like that and it said it a few other times with difrent sync.
So if you think you can help me HELP ME!

Thanks in advance.

Julian Choquette