Boot problems after instllation of Elsa Gloria XL Graphics card

Boot problems after instllation of Elsa Gloria XL Graphics card

Post by Peter Doerin » Wed, 27 Jun 2001 05:23:29

Hi Folks,

I recently installed an Elsa Gloria XL graphics card in my Alpha box:
Digital Alpha 164LX 533Mhz with 320MB Memory, dual boot system  with
WinNT4.0 SR6 and SuSe Linux 6.3.

The graphics card works very fine wit NT4 and the hardware 3D
acceleration really makes a big difference with eg. SolidWorks2000,
however I am facing some boot problems with Linux.
When first I installed the card the machine booted up to the Linux
prompt and I managed it to also get it working with Xfree.
After several times the machine startet getting stuck somwhere during
the boot process and it increasingly takes longer to boot. Actually it
does not completely boot anymore. After displaying following on the
screen it just gets stuck:

Flash device is an INTEL 28f00 8SA
   16 segments each of 0x10000 (65536) bytes
No environment present
Linux/Alpha Miniloader (MILO) v2.035-c5.6 (Thu Apr. 29 21:52:30IST 1999)

Please wait while setting up devices....
Major devices are:fd (0002) ide0 (0003) ide1 (0016)
[MS-DOS FS Rel. 12, FAT]
Transaction block size = 512


.....and that's it.

I pretty much can solve every problem once I have a boot prompt, but I
have no idea what  to look for in this case and I really would
appreciate some advice!!!

Please respond to my e-mail address as I do not regularly readthis new

Thanks in advance

Peter. Doering

I forgot to mention that the machine still works fine withWin NT 4.0.


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