rpc.bootparamd problems on Linux

rpc.bootparamd problems on Linux

Post by Harri Haata » Tue, 17 Aug 1999 04:00:00

I run RH5.2 on axppci33 (200MHz).
I have been trying to install Solaris to a SS1+ via ether.
Everything works on the network boot until bootparamd.
something like "rpc WHOIS failed" or something (haven't tried again in
a while).
There also is no man page.

I've searched for alternatives, but not done much since I have no disks
to do them on.

Is it possible to use Linux(/Alpha) as a bootserver?
Is that piece broken? (I think it's genuine RH rpm)

Harri Haataja
realblades<at>netscape.net  (The From field will not accept mail.)


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I am having trouble compiling rpc.bootparamd. I am trying to get the
Xkernel package to work with my 3/60. I have tryed the source that comes
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for NetBSD. With the NetBSD version I have to use pmake (BSD Make), but
all three fail with the same error: The actual parameters in the
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