Post by bill mccal » Mon, 05 Jun 2000 04:00:00

My srm console comes in 'secure' mode after I flashed it from alphabios.
any ideas how to login?

1. booting from SRM


just installed OpenBSD3.1 on my alpha station 500a.

when i restart my computer the SRM console (V7.2-1) turns up again. what do
i have to enter at the prompt that my alpha boots bsd from harddisk (sd0)?

sd1 is unused.

output of "show device" at the SRM:
dqa0.    DQA0     ATAPI CD ROM 48X V130
dva0.    DVA0
ewa0.   EWA0
pqa0.    PQA0     PCI EIDE
pqb0.    PQB0     PCI EIDE

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