Compiling libpng

Compiling libpng

Post by 9711707 » Fri, 11 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Hi there

I am still trying to get e running, I was able to compile everything,
but when I start e, the graphics are nothing but greenish pixel chunk.

I use rh 5.1 on my pws 433 a, I removed all the rpm's before I started
compiling. I downloaded libpng-1.0.1.tar.gz (209862 bytes) directly from, and the people in #e told me that this was the
right one.

I am not sure about which makefile is the right one for my system.
I got the messed up graphics with makefile.std.
makefile.dec looks pretty much like DEC Unix, so I didn't try that one.
I did not try makefile.knr, maybe it's that one?
With makefile.lnx, I get the compiler errors
  cc1: Invalid option 'align-loops=2'
  cc1: Invalid option 'align-functions=2'

I feel like I am almost there.. please help me on this one

Thanks a lot, Tobe


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I've a problem when compile the libpng-1.2.0.

I'm using FreeBSD 4.4. I'd compiled the zlib-1.1.3. Afterward, I try to
compile the libpng, followed the instruction in INSTALL. I used the
makefile.std. However, when I "make test", it prompt that "make: don't know
how to make png.h. Stop". I'd change the path ZLIBLIB and ZLIBINC's path and
also the path has no problem.

I've tried the, makefile.gcc but all fail.

Can anyone give me some advice? thxthx!!


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