Compiling Kernel on AXP 150 (Jensen)

Compiling Kernel on AXP 150 (Jensen)

Post by jjmar.. » Wed, 28 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I've finally got Linux installed on my Jensen.  I'm running Red Hat 4.0.
The only problem I have left is that I cannot compile a new kernel.  I get
through everything:
make config
  I answer the questions
make dep
When I type make Image (or make zImage), it tells me there are no rules.  I
type make boot (just guessing) and it seems to do something, but I still
have no kernel to use.  Can someone help me out?

Also, I'm using aboot, does anyone know the format for the aboot.conf file?


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1. Compiling Kernel on RedHat 4.0 on Digital AXP 150 (Jensen)

I've got RedHat Linux 4.0 installed on my Alpha 150 Jensen system, and a
copy of the Linux Bible 3rd Edition from Yggdrasil.  This book is the only
thing I have to get me through, besides the man pages, and various web
sites.  Anyway, I'm trying to recompile the kernel, and the documentation in
this book seems very week.  Can someone point me to a better source of docs?
Preferably something web based?

Also, and I think this may be why I'm having problems with the make command,
I don't think I properly installed the kernel to begin with.  I followed the
doc I found at
Alpha/JENSEN_INSTALL/Jensen-HOWTO to install the system.  I was able to
follow the doc to a 'T' until I got to the end, and had to actually boot
into the install program.  It tells me to type the following command to
install "BOOT -FL INSTALL DKA400"  That wouldn't work, I actually had to
type 'boot -fi "/kernels/jensen.gz" -fl "root=/dev/scd0" dka400'.  After the
install, (everything seems fine), it says to type the following to boot:
'boot -fl "root=0802 ro" dka000'.  This doesn't do anything, so I boot with
this command:  'boot dka400 -fi "/kernels/jensen.gz" -fl "root=0802"'  Can
someone help me get this system to bootup from the hard disk?  Thanks.

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