DVF v6.0 wishlist...

DVF v6.0 wishlist...

Post by G. Hugh SO » Sun, 02 Aug 1998 04:00:00

> I think you would be very happy with DIGITAL Visual Fortran.  You'll get the
> performance and the robustness you came to expect from DIGITAL Fortran
> compilers.
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> For information on DIGITAL Fortran, see http://www.digital.com/fortran

I was a happy user of DecStation 3000 with DIGITAL Fortran during

If DIGITAL's future depends on the 21?64 chip and the CPU business,
DIGITAL should release DVF for Linux.  I am about to cancel an order for an
Alpha Linux system because I heard that there is no decent FORTRAN
compiler for Alpha LInux.  Don't tell me to buy DIGITAL Unix as well.
I know it is good.  However, it's then too expensive.  Just look at
the % change of OS intallations worldwide.  Market share of DIGITAL Unix is only
decreasing, faster than Solaris, which is also decreasing.  I like
DIGITAL Unix better than Solaris.  But that is my preference.
Nobody in their right mind buys AlphaStation instead of Sparkstation
in Korea.  THe marketshare of Alphastations here became to zilch recently.
Sometimes DIGITAL has to decide quickly which to lose.  I think
that the shrinking business of DIGITAL was mostly due to such bad
business decisions in the past (I am talking about VMS).

If only DIGITAL donates DIGITAL Unix to the Linux community, Alpha Linux can
get SMP right away, and more people will buy Alpha CPUs.


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