Graphix card...

Graphix card...

Post by Pat Dufresn » Sat, 18 Dec 1999 04:00:00

I'm using an XL266 and my Graphix card is being read by the ARC as a
"BIOS Emulated VGA card" and I can't get the card over 16 color how do I

get it over the 16 color into the 24 bit range, which is what my card
can do

my card is a Diamond Multimedia 2000 3D card

if this is no good what is a good card/price...



1. Graphix error ? Help wanted Plz.

I have this odd ? problem.
There just popups  ansi graphics blinking all over my screen
if  I type clear+<CR> then my screen clears, but its annoying when I reading
text in emacs or vi.
I wonder if there any setup things that I have to do to correct this problem
And in X it works OK in the beginning but after awhile there is all crap
or the the graphic don't show correctly....
I've read the Cirrus FAQ and tried all there but I think the problem is
somewhere else due to that in command line... I get this Ansi graphics
exploding all over my screen.

Cirrus Logic 5436 PCI is graphic card, 1MB.

/Anders Oquist

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