Browser problems -- I am frustrated

Browser problems -- I am frustrated

Post by Nathan McEache » Wed, 07 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I downloaded the binaries for the Mozilla browser and installed it.
However, when I ran the application, nothing happened.  The process
would run, but no browser window would come up.

I then installed EM86 so that I could run the intel version of
Netscape.  I ran the kernel patch (for the 2.0.30 source tree),
recompiled the kernel, installed the packages, and installed the
binaries for the Linux/Intel version of Netscape.  Although the netscape
process would run, it was eating up a lot of CPU cycles and still no
browser window would come up.

Did anyone encounter/solve any of the above problems?  What is the
latest version/release of EM86?  I installed version 0.4.



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I am experimenting with small Linux installs using Slackware 3.4 kernel
2.0.30 and am looking for non-GUI browsers.

I am working with lynx (and like it) but am curious - anything else out
there you can recommend.

Please reply by e-mail as well - news feed is slow and cranky (ISP says will
improve Real Soon Now).

Thanks for the help.



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