Progress report on loading SuSE on a 500HZ Enorex SCSI box

Progress report on loading SuSE on a 500HZ Enorex SCSI box

Post by George Erhar » Wed, 01 Mar 2000 04:00:00

When last you heard from me, I was trying to get SuSE 6.3 to boot from the
hard disk. The corrective steps that I took were:

1. Boot from CD and proceed with installation up to the dialog for
installing Linux from scratch. Press ALT-F2 to get to a new shell

2. type:

    mount /dev/sda1 /boot     -- change the partition to match what ever you
    mount /dev/scd1 /cdrom  -- again ... adjust
    cp /cdrom/etc/vmlinux.gz /boot
    umount /boot
    umount /cdrom

3. At this point, I was still "booting" from the CDROM, but Milo was the
thing that was loading. So, after reboot, the MILO> prompt appears, and I

boot sda1:/vmlinux.gz root=/dev/sda4

Obviously, you will want to change the partitions to fit your system.
At this point, Linux booted from my SCSI disk andthe rest of the SuSE
installation completed. I then mounted my dos partition:

mount -t msdos /dev/sda2 /dos

and copied the necessary milo/linload files:

mount /dev/scd0 /cdrom
cp /cdrom/milo/pc164/* /dos

5. I stopped the system with a shutdown -h 0 and hit the reset switch
6. I built a new ARC boot option for loading from the hard disk.

    OsLoadOptions=boot sda1:/vmlinux.gz root=/dev/sda4

NOTE: my partitions are:

   sda1    - 20MB, ext2, /boot
   sda2    - 20MB, msdos, /dos
   sda3    - 299MB, swap
   sda4    - 3.5GB, ext2, /

I hope this will help someone else.


PS, my next task is to find out why the machine freezes when I use the KDE
browser to look at web pages.


1. SuSE 6.3 on an Enorex/PC164 system HELP!!!!

I have been attempting to load SuSE 6.3 on to this Alpha system and
have encountered numerous problems. The SuSE manual leaves alot
to be desired, but basically, I have milo loading from the CDROM via
the ARC firmware. Unfortunately, the manual calls for the OSLOADOPTIONS
to be set to:

boot scd0:/etc/vmlinux.gz root=/dev/scd0 fake_initrd

Milo dumps a ton of complains about being unable to read the CD, then
drops to the MILO> prompt. At this point, I can type:


and after 4 "sr_photocd: ioctl error (TOSHIBA #1): 0x1" messages, it
seems to be mounted and then I can do "ls" and "cd" commands to cruise
the CD file structure.

If I then type in the above boot command, it starts up the kernel and then
drops the following on the console:

VFS: Mounted root (iso9660 filesystem) readonly.
Freeing unused kernel memory: 136K freed
Warning: unable to open initial console.
Kernel panic: No init found. Try passing init= option to kernel.

Of course, it is dead in the water at this point. My question is:

How can I get past this init problem? I tried the obvious init=fake_initrd.
I am assuming that the "fake_initrd" was suppose to get around
not having an init file when booting up for the installation.

Thanks in advance!

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